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The connection of art, science and religion

volume 36 nr 1

January/February 2014

The connection of art, science and religion


In the context of the Rosycross, art is above all alchemy. It is an art form that requires the highest level of ability: pure philosophy, spiritual experience and a sincere art of living, all in one. Alchemy is a symbolic art that requires of the artist nothing else than the elements that he assembles in his or her interior world. His knowledge comes from the two worlds in which his life plays out. One of them is known; the other, he does not yet see, but he senses it as a new sphere of life. As to the necessary fire, its fuel is furnished through his ardent longing, his aspiration to the spirit. In this issue of the pentagram, readers can deepen their understanding of the connection of art, science and religion, as they are understood within the Rosycross. Next is found a cross-section through the work of Hilma af Klint, a spiritual pioneer from a hundred years ago who was inspired by the world of abstraction and by the teachings of theosophy and the spiritual powers that swirled around them, becoming the first to fully understand them.

Articles in this issue...

The reality of the light...and a song of Leonard Cohen
Whereof one cannot speak
Hilma Af Klint: After a hundred years, the world is ready for her art
The magical world of Hilma Af Klint
On the essence of art
I Art, science and religion
II Everything finds itself in the divine but is not necessarily consciously aware of the divine
III Artwork as bridge builder
IV Renewal of all of humanity
V The creative person as driving force
The Rosicrucian wisdom of Pekka Ervast: an impulse from the Finnish Brotherhood
Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor-Philosopher
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