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The thinking of Jan van Rijckenborgh

volume 35 nr 6

November/December 2013

The thinking of Jan van Rijckenborgh

Rubrique 1

“That we leave the actual protest to the quixotic hippies is a clear sign of our own lack of imagination; a generation that does not want to dream loses the right to a better world,” writes Rutger Bregman, Dutch historian and publicist, in a recent article in which he attributes the cause of the global crisis to a lack of Utopian imaginative power. In this edition of pentagram there are some points of view that shift the actual protest to a different level: the inner life-state of every individual thinking human being. Yes, there is a crisis - because we as people have lost the right balance, the balance between within and without, above and below, me and you; between greater humanity which is one together and the innumerable millions of individuals who are alone. The wisdom schools of all times entreat, “Return to unity. You belong to an exalted plan, a truly spiritual humanity. Learn to know yourself as human being, as person, as minutus mundus - miniature cosmos - who is nothing without the water to drink, the air to breathe, the earth to nourish, the fire that gives inner warmth, and the other one, who is the meaning of your life.”

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