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Only the Firebird defeats evil

volume 34 nr 1

January/February 2012

Only the Firebird defeats evil


Once again we encounter Orpheus, but now in his expression of the impossible love for Eurydice, and the opera about it. Music can transmit sparks of divine fire, and although Orpheus’ lyre indeed linked the earth with higher energies from the spheres of Dionysus’ exaltation - and still does so - but Eurydice, the human soul, still has insufficient consciousness… This Pentagram ends with the vision of Dieter Boers, a radiation expert, on the near future, in this case on the year 2012. His message is: if we achieve an increase of vibration through our mode of life, we may look forward to the radical changes that are awaiting the earth with confidence.

Articles in this issue...

Orgies or ecstasy? the mysteries of Orpheus
The gospel of Philip - ‘when evening came upon them’
Sowing and reaping: religion and philosophy in present-day society
Only the Firebird defeats evil
Orpheus and Eurydice: the drama of the impossible love
Orpheus and Eurydice: the Orphic mysteries and the sirens - the Edda
Ragnarok - the decline of the old world
Book review: Why humanity is facing an evolutionary leap - (R)evolution 2012
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