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Explorations into the nature of our consciousness

volume 33 nr 5

September/October 2011

Explorations into the nature of our consciousness

Rubrique 1

Is inventing yourself, being able to be and remain yourself, and in this way closing the door to all other ‘selves’ that you might be, the end of the quest for your identity? This is what young people wondered during a conference about knowledge in spring 2011. You can read an impression of this special weekend in this issue of the Pentagram. For a seeking person, learning to know himself wholly coincides with a never-ending quest for the mysteries of life - a quest that has occupied man throughout time, and which time and again has incited him to leave the familiar paths, seeking new answers. The reader will find a few discoveries and records of seekers of all times in this issue of the Pentagram. We express the hope that he will in their thoughts recognise something of his own quest. ‘The greatest of all lessons is knowing yourself, because if a person knows himself, he knows God.’ - Clemens of Alexandria.

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