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Explorations into the nature of our consciousness

volume 33 nr 3

May/June 2011

Explorations into the nature of our consciousness


As the third issue of 2011 lies before you, the power of seeking with the Light and the struggle in our own inner being associated with it, approaches you. It was written by people who are clearly on their way, who seek with the seekers, who knock on the doors of the imperishable, because he who was seeking yesterday and finds today, first of all learns that he should continue seeking! This is the method that all the great ones used, and which we, too, want to learn in order to accompany those who seek and help each other with all the Light that is in us. This is the way in which soul power irradiates our immediate environment and in which the Light finds its way into the world through people.

Articles in this issue...

‘Live on the basis of the new soul principle’ Jan van Rijckenborgh
Breaking out of the cycle
The creative moment: an attempt to approach
Armchair illumination? Grimm’s fairytale of Mother Hulda
Piet Mondriaan: painter of the emptiness
Alexander Skriabin as total artist: ‘music is a path of revelation, a powerful method to knowledge!’
Illumination for gamers from last life to real life
The new word - lecture during the symposium ‘:Life’s school of wisdom’
The Edda: the World Tree
A guide for practical mysticism - book review: Master Eckhart’s way to cosmic consciousness
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