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Awakening the spiritual heart

volume 32 nr 5

September/October 2010

Awakening the spiritual heart

Rubrique 1

One of the largest impediments for being able to perceive the real world is the inertia of the human heart. The human being has become ‘heavy’ by all the impressions and the pressure of matter, burdening the heart. The heart still hardly reacts to the life and the needs of others, and the inner impulses of the soul penetrate the consciousness only with difficulty. In this issue, the Pentagram aims at awakening the spiritual heart by a few provoking articles, because with the activity of an alert consciousness it is possible to break through the inertia, and to perceive the outlines of a new era, and even a new world, with the inner eye.

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Overtones of the ‘Lord’s prayer’
The minotaur, the soul and the ego
To rise above the earth
The Book of Mirdad
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