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The truth about the ego

volume 31 nr 5

September/October 2009

The truth about the ego


The drive to rebirth is realised by perfect inner preparation and by detaching from this world. We read in the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount: ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.’ From the longing for the spirit, the prayer arises: ‘I have prepared myself, liberated my spirit-soul from the delusion of this world. Let me now understand and fathom the rebirth.’ He who in this way, on the basis of his innermost depth, opens the gate to God’s mysteries, will hear the address about rebirth, resounding from what is hidden, because what is hidden is nothing else than the kingdom of heaven itself. The inner ear will then open and be able to understand these secret words.

Articles in this issue...

The good end - Jan van Rijckenborgh
The possibility of happiness
The fourth dimension
The black hole of the human being is his ego
The human being need not be his ego
The courage to know
Religion is a path of insight
Everything transient is only a parable
Nirvana: the highest void and wellspring of life
From science fiction to reality
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