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‘Give and it will be given to you.’

volume 30 nr 2

March/April 2008

‘Give and it will be given to you.’


Everywhere the idea penetrates that something has to change, particularly in the human being. It is the message which the founders of the Lectorium Rosicrucianum propagated during their whole life; it is also very well illustrated in the article by Annick de Witt about ‘Inner climate change’, which is republished in this issue of the Pentagram. It is absolutely possible to put across the ancient, gnostic message of the two nature orders, the earthly and the divine reality, in a way that is sound for our time. In the article ‘The spiritual building of the future’, an answer is formulated how we, as modern spiritual school, may try to structure this inner transformation

Articles in this issue...

The spiritual building of the future - general pupils’ convention 2007
It is time for an inner climate change - Annick de Witt
Valentinus’ life
Valentinus’ creation myth
The pure heart
The pleroma according to Valentinus
Living or being lived
God and DNA - God in DNA?
The creation of the Sophia
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