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Jan van Rijckenborgh

Impelled by the great seriousness of our present time and truly desiring to help humankind, Jan van Rijckenborgh offers into the world a series of treatises doing away with the veils of appearances and illusions which usually hide the reality of things from our eyes. They are intended as both a serious warning and a helping guide for everyone who, on seeing these signs, in longing and inner ripening, wishes to take responsibility for their relationship to the Universal Spirit and suffering humanity.


Every pilgrim on their path towards reunion with the Spirit will have to overcome their own internal resistances, their own self-created delusions.  But what is often underestimated are the external resistances that are animated as a consequence of the opposing forces of self-preservation and self-sacrifice.  

Jan van Rijckenborgh focuses the readers’ attention on the impulses that are driven by self-preservation that work to maintain and strengthen the delusions imprisoning humanity. In an open and frank approach, the author guides the reader to insight, to inwardly prepare themselves to meet these ‘snares of delusion’, in the light of true understanding.  

Every pilgrim on the path to soul rebirth will face both internal and external resistance, and the author points out how this can also hold true for all humanity. With a deep love and compassion for all of humanity, Jan van Rijckenborgh opens our eyes to the workings of ‘resistance’, to help us stand steadfast in the face of delusion, and prepare for our inner reunion with the Spirit. 

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