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The Universal Gnosis

The Universal Gnosis

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Catharose de Petri and Jan van Rijckenborgh

The Universal Brotherhood has initiated a dynamic activity intended to arouse interest throughout the world for the eons-old, all-embracing, Gnostic wisdom. The purpose underlying this activity is to launch with great power the eternal truth into the darkness of this world, before the present period of manifestation comes to its lawful end. The authors address all kindred spirits both known and unknown, in the hope that many may find the path leading to the universal Gnosis.


Throughout its history, humankind has always received the spiritual help it needed, not only through those special ‘envoys’ sent to give guidance to all humanity, but through the spiritual Light-radiation emanating from their sublime state of vibration.  

This light initially acts as a ‘calling’ radiation to all those who are sensitive to it and seek that which this world cannot offer them.  The author, Jan van Rijckenborgh, addresses this activity by showing the reader how the Light manifests in this world and how we can react to it, offering its liberating power not only for the individual, but more importantly, for all humankind.

By understanding the wider ‘universality’ of the activity of the Gnostic Light, the author also explains in detail its specific activity within the individual, thus showing us the fulness of the impulse driving the divine element within towards a new manifestation and a higher expression through the birth of the New Soul.

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