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The Mystery of Life and Death

The Mystery of Life and Death

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Rozekruis Pers



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Jan van Rijckenborgh

This book approaches the subject of life and death from a spiritual perspective, explaining the crucial importance of seeing the difference between the mortal part of ourselves, or 'ego', and the immortal part, the microcosm. The authors demonstrate how, if we are able to see and understand this difference, we - as mortals - are given the tremendous opportunity of helping to bring about the liberation of the microcosm and of sharing in its immortality.


The subject matter of this booklet was taken from a series of articles which appeared in the Dutch edition of the magazine 'Ecclesia Pistis Sophia'.

The name of this periodical has a profound meaning. It refers to an archaic community which arose at the dawn of the Aryan epoch and which, today, clearly manifests itself throughout the world.

It is the purpose of this exalted community of the Universal Gnosis to make known to the world and humankind Knowledge that leads to Wisdom. Not knowledge that can only be assimilated intellectually, but Knowledge that leads to Insight, engendering an intense alchemical activity in the human system and, consequently, liberating Power which, on the one hand, may be defined as the Sophia and on the other hand as the Holy Spirit.

The School of the Rosycross works in the service of this Ecclesia Pistis Sophia to make known the fundamental aspects of the Universal Archaic Doctrine to those who seek after it.

The School of the Rosycross belongs to a system of Gnostic Schools whose task it is to serve seeking humankind and to accompany the human being by means of a number of consecutive steps to the House of the Father.

The School of the Rosycross is the first step in this System.

J. van Rijckenborgh

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