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The Living Word

The Living Word

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Catharose de Petri

‘The Living Word’ brings the message of the Living Salvation that can be found in the Gnosis to all who are yearning to lift themselves up through the process of transmutation from their physical soul state into the state of Spirit-Soul-Consciousness. In forty-six unrelated chapters, the author describes from many perspectives the path of soul-liberation that can and must be realized by everyone individually. How and in what way this path of liberation of the soul must be walked is described extensively, so that it may become a Living Word for every reader!


Catharose de Petri has compiled a series of separate chapters to bring the message of the Living Salvation to all who are longing to lift themselves up from their physical mortality to that of the Spirit-Soul. 

However, the path of liberation must be walked and realized by everyone individually, so the author approaches this subject from varying perspectives, giving the reader a deeper insight into themselves and the path of the surrender of the egocentric self.  All who long for a reunion with the Absolute are placed before the unavoidable truths that must be met and conquered through the new emerging soul quality growing within them. 

Focusing on the living, vibrating reality of the Gnostic Light that currently radiates over all of humanity, the reader is confronted with this spiritual imperative, so that they may turn their attention to the resounding voice of its liberating potential.

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