The Egyptian Arch Gnosis 1

and its call in the eternal present.

The Egyptian Arch Gnosis 1

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Jan van Rijckenborgh

The Tabula Smaragdina, the foundation and synthesis of the original wisdom, and the Corpus Hermeticum, authored by Hermes Trismegistus, are texts which have always aroused the interest of all esotericists.
Therefore, whenever someone considers these texts, which have reached modern times through various translations, the question arises: who was Hermes Trismegistus? There are several legends about Hermes, among them that he wrote thousands of books containing all the divine wisdom, and that Pythagoras and Plato obtained all their knowledge through him.
It is generally thought that Hermes was a sublime divine envoy. Sometimes he is even considered a god, according to the custom of the ancients to symbolically personify certain forces and influences by gods in human figures; at other times he is considered a historical personality who exerted a marked influence in ancient Egypt, which later spread throughout the Western world.
However, it would be better to say that Hermes Trismegistus is the prototype of the true heavenly man, the true son of God, the man in whom Religion, Science and Art are harmoniously balanced and who should be born in each one of us.
Jan Van Rijckenborgh, in the four volumes of The Egyptian Arch Gnosis, makes this Hermetic knowledge accessible to the modern reader. He shows that all true Gnostic knowledge of the present period of humankind can be found in The Egyptian Arch Gnosis, and that the only possible liberation is the resurrection of the true divine being, who lives with a consciousness enlightened by God, which is why the Bible testifies: "Out of Egypt I called my son.