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Seven Voices Speak

Seven Voices Speak

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Catharose de Petri

Seven voices - seven radiations of the gnostic fullness speak to every human being, who will have to learn to react to them in the right way if he wishes to follow the path of liberation. In this succinct book, Catharose de Petri offers the candidate a wealth of guidance that may lead them to a deeper understanding of the sublime activity of the Sevenfold Radiation of Light emanating from the Gnosis.


Catharose de Petri takes the reader into a deeper understanding of the activity of the sevenfold radiation of Light that emanates from the Gnosis; the manifestations of its Seven Rays in a spiritual school; their connection and relationship to the pupil, and their role in the practicalities of walking a spiritual path.  

Catharose de Petri discusses the inner signature of these spiritual radiations in the growing New Soul, and the sevenfold healing qualities that manifest in the pupil who truly walks this path in their light.

In twenty-two concise chapters, the author presents to the pupil the full spectrum of interaction and activity between themselves and the “Seven Voices” of the Spirit.  Not only is the seeker offered an insight into some of the inner challenges they may face on this journey, but also inspires and lifts them with a vision of what awaits those who walk this spiritual path to its glorious end.  

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