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Elementary Philosophy of the Modern Rosycross

Elementary Philosophy of the Modern Rosycross

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Jan van Rijckenborgh

In their search for Truth, a seeker will find a multitude of insights and methods under many denominations. In the Elementary Philosophy of the Modern Rosycross, Jan van Rijckenborgh explains the dangers that arise when the seeker wishes to go the way of inner transformation. The author comments on the implications of magic and initiation, involution and evolution, birth and death for the candidate on the Gnostic path, sketching a clear image of the path to true life, and its consequences for the seeker on either side of the veil of death (the reflection sphere).


The seeker today is confronted with overwhelming amounts of information that can leave one feeling confused and even lost as to where to begin their search for the Truth.  In The Elementary Philosophy of the Modern Rosycross, Jan van Rijckenborgh addresses many of the fundamental questions the seeker experiences on their path, providing a clear and constructive foundation for walking a practical spiritual path.  

Questions such as: From an esoteric perspective, how should we understand the idea of the human being as a microcosm, a ‘miniature world’; what is the spiritual significance of vegetarianism as a practice of life; how some forms of esotericism can potentially endanger the seekers progress?  Have you in your spiritual seeking, become aware of the ‘Cosmic Duality’ that acknowledges the fundamental differences between men and women, yet also recognises the balance and harmony of the masculine and feminine expressions of the activity of the Universal Seven-Spirit in our nature order?

These and many other elementary, and often very practical questions relevant to the seeker of Truth are addressed in this profound book.

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