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Dei Gloria Intacta

The Christian Mystery of Initiation of the Holy Rosycross for the New Era

Dei Gloria Intacta

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Rozekruis Pers



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Jan van Rijckenborgh

In Dei Gloria Intacta the author offers a Gnostic perspective on the esoteric Seven Letters in the Book of Revelations. The seven 'churches' addressed by John are in Ashia: that part of humanity ripe for renewal. The Seven Letters describe a way of initiation of cosmic dimensions, a process of rebirth of body, soul and spirit. The candidate for renewal is led by the Christ-power through three phases, each described and linked to the seven planetary spheres. As the consciousness of the candidate expands, an ever-greater perspective opens before the inner eye.


One of the challenges faced by every seeker after Truth is that of correctly understanding the veiled language and symbolism often used in the Universal Teachings presented to humanity throughout history.  In this book, Jan van Rijckenborgh unveils the esoteric significance and deeper meanings of the symbolism found in the Seven Letters to Ashia, addressed by John in the Book of Revelations.  

By bringing to light the Universal Seven Spirit and its manifestation as an aspect of the pupils’ path, the author shows how the new souls’ unification with the Spirit can be seen as progressing through seven steps, seven tasks, seven aspects of soul development, reflected in the Seven Letters to Ashia.  In a language that is directed to the heart, the mystery surrounding this new birth and unification are explained to the reader based on the spiritual imperatives interwoven in this language. 

The reader is therefore taken on an inner journey of the soul; a journey that begins in the stone-hard reality of his present state of being, ending in the new Soul’s reunification with the Spirit.

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