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Spiritual Pentecost - English

Spiritual Pentecost Week - an 8-day free online program,
from the Sunday after Ascension Day to Pentecost Sunday

Spiritual Pentecost - English

If you would like to participate in our free online 'Spiritual Pentecost' program, you can follow the eight narratives and eight reflections during the 8 days from the Sunday after Ascension Day to Pentecost Sunday,
using the links below.

Spiritual Pentecost Program Introduction

For many centuries Christianity has celebrated Christmas, Easter and Pentecost to commemorate key events described in the New Testament of the Bible.
These can be seen as historical events but also as milestones on a gnostic spiritual path that we can follow in our daily lives. These three festivals can be understood as the three stages of our inner path, described as Formation – Reformation – Transformation, or as caterpillar – pupa – butterfly.
This ‘Spiritual Pentecost’ program addresses the reality of the liberating power of the holy, healing spirit. The holy spirit is a sevenfold, unearthly power through which the essence and high calling of becoming a true human being can be realised.
As was the case with ‘Spiritual Easter’, the reflections of ‘Spiritual Pentecost’ are based on The Gospel of the Holy Twelve by Gideon Jasper Ouseley. This gospel is more extensive than the gospels of the Bible and is more directed to the inner being, the Other-One-within-us.
The ‘outer’ being, the human being that is tied to the material world with all his senses and faculties, is thus offered an inner perception, a view into another reality.

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