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Spiritual Christmas - English

Spiritual Christmas - English

We welcome you to the Spiritual Christmas online program. This program aims to bring the eternal spiritual message to those who internally aspire to fulfillment in life, in a series of 16 daily complementary texts and audios during the Christmas period, starting December 22 – the day after the solstice – until January 6, Epiphany Day.

This program of texts and audios will allow you to appreciate the esoteric meaning of the Christmas period. By focusing your attention on this period, you create receptivity to a spiritual process - the birth of Light within yourself.
This is the miracle of Christmas, of the awakening and growth of the divine being within you.
This is the beginning of a whole new spiritual path. Indeed, the divine can be born and grow in the human being!

*Based on the narratives from “The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ” by Levi Dowling, these reflections are taken from “Spiritual Christmas and New Year – A Guiding hand for inner reflection and inspiration in the Christmas Season” by André de Boer and Tanja Rozema, Rozekruis Pers – Haarlem, the Netherlands, 2016


Spiritual Christmas - 01 - Preparing yourself

22-12 Narrative 1 Chapter 1 of the Aquarian Gospel: The Birth of Mary


Spiritual Christmas - 02 - Recognising the inner man in yourself

23-12 Narrative 2 Chapter 2 of the Aquarian Gospel: The Birth of John


Spiritual Christmas - 03 - Preparing your way

24-12 Narrative 3 Chapter 3 of the Aquarian Gospel: The Birth of Jesus


Spiritual Christmas - 04 - Giving birth to the divine in yourself

25-12 Narrative 4 Chapter 4 of the Aquarian Gospel: The Consecration of Jesus


Spiritual Christmas - 05 - In this sign you will conquer

26-12 Narrative 5 Chapter 5 of the Aquarian Gospel: The Magi from the East and the flight into Egypt


Spiritual Christmas - 06 - Your magic gifts

27-12 Narrative 6 Chapter 6 of the Aquarian Gospel: The children�s massacre by King Herod�s order


Spiritual Christmas - 07 - Threats form the world and yourself

28-12 Narrative 7 Chapters 7 et 8 of the Aquarian Gospel: Mary and Elizabeth are taught in a mystery school in Egypt


Spiritual Christmas - 08 - Your assignment in life

29-12 Narrative 8 Chapters 9 et 10 of the Aquarian Gospel: Elihu and Salome teach in their mystery school in Zoan


Spiritual Christmas - 09 - Looking back at the past

30-12 Narrative 9 Chapters 11 et 12 of the Aquarian Gospel: The last lessons of Elihu and Salome for Mary and Elizabeth


Spiritual Christmas - 10 - Taking leave of your teachers

31-12 Narrative 10 Chapter 28 of the Aquarian Gospel: Jesus teaches the Hindus in Benares


Spiritual Christmas - 11 - Unfolding your talents

01-01 Narrative 11 Chapter 33 of the Aquarian Gospel: In India Jesus relates the parable of the rocky field and the hidden treasure


Spiritual Christmas - 12 - The hidden treasure in your heart

02-01 Narrative 12 Chapter 40 of the Aquarian Gospel: Jesus discusses the importance of rest, silence and reflection

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