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Inspiration - the abstract pivot

volume 41 nr 2

2019 - Two

Inspiration - the abstract pivot

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It is hard to believe that it is like that outside, because it is like that inside. The statement: 'The world, that is you', well, you do have a vision necessary for. To see that outside is the reflection of what is within, and that the world is so, because we are as we are. And that us 'inside' has become that way, because the 'out there' sometimes presents us with hard and rough conditions. For the world is an inhospitable inn. Every person experiences himself as a center, around which his world appears to him, and wherever he looks, everything revolves around him. Or her. You go through this world, from young to old. Change on that road you. You look at the world, always different, always have different points of view, adopts new positions. Yet you are also a world yourself, as they say. That's the world in which a soul perceives; immutable, equal to eternity. Of the world that you are she is the center. She sees you go, from young to old. Mild rays of her world envelop you, but whether you see them in your world? And the soul too is a world, a great undulating field, in beautiful streams and movements. It's hard to imagine, from that undulating all the light shines from beyond the horizon, one luminous fullness, so full brilliant intelligence and inspiration that every receptive space in your soul can be filled with it. It's hard to believe that outside is like that, because it's like that inside too is. That's actually a limited view. Even harder to believe is that what below can be equal to that which is above - that is an open view. It is completely unbelievable that outside, above and inside there is always

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