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850 years of Bogomils and Cathars.

volume 39 nr 4

2017 - Four

850 years of Bogomils and Cathars.


‘Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood under the Sign of Love’. Under that motto a congress took place in May 2017, in St. Félix Lauragais (France). This conference, organized by the Bulgarian scholar Damyan Popchristov and the association ‘Bulgarians in the Pays d’Autan’, wanted to contribute to a spiritual unification of Europe “from a historical and spiritual perspective.” The underlying motive was the mission of Nikètas in 1167, now 850 years ago. The purpose was to investigate how the crucial Bogomil- Cathar synod over which Nikètas presided, could promote a similar ‘convivencia’ in our modern age. The various texts bore the character of testimonies, while the meeting itself instigated a great impulse. The participants experienced that the pure and intelligent Christianity of the Spirit is still internationally active. It is spiritually very much alive in a time in which our society changes drastically. And again, the Occitan region is the scene of action. It was in 2017 that Damyan Popchristov brought an international group of speakers together such as the English Anne Baring, the grande dame of esoteric thinking on the impact of the Light Message through the ages. She proved how this “Church of the Spirit” was firmly anchored in the ancient knowledge of the connection between humans and cosmos. Eduard Berga discussed an old Bogomil text. Dick van Niekerk treated the impact of the Bogomil version of the ‘Our Father’. Pierre Gohar spoke of the “universal community of the rose” - which forms a meeting place for all light-sparks and Petra Augrandjean opened the day with a specific focus on the work of the patriarch Nikètas.

Articles in this issue...

World images
The Spiritual mission of Nikètas of Constantinople - Petra Augrandjean, Peter Huijs
‘Give us today our supernatural bread’ - The Bogomil and Cathar interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer
Awakening in the Holy Spirit
The Ideal of Brotherhood, the core of the Gospel of the Cathars - Eduard Berga
The Way of the Cathars: a Hermetic Gnosis - Pierre Gohar
The forgotten Cathars of Mont Aimé.
Heretic advocate elevates the Bogomils in the Light again.
A word from the Catholics of the Ariège with regards to the Cathar drama.
’The true Church of Christ resides in the heart of man’ - Initiation with the Bogomils
Peter Deunov. Wisdom-master of love
An evening in Mostar - A visualization - Frank van Eysel
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