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The way seeking the centre brings harmony, balance and certainty

volume 38 nr 3

2016 - Three

The way seeking the centre brings harmony, balance and certainty

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A child that forgets himself at play and greets the sea on the beach is most often not aware of the four elements that unite there in a perfect harmony. Fire (sun), air, water and earth - reduced to their simplest essence of heat and cooling, - of sand and salty air, which together form the carrier wave of prana, the life force that penetrates the atmosphere. In thousands we flock to the beaches and saturated with this energy we return home at the end of the day, living on it for days. However, harmony is not a matter of course. Sometimes society and work draw heavily on our ability to remain in balance. Chinese medicine strives for this balance through a harmonious exchange between the five elements in a human being. In a symposium Dianne Sommers explained the connection between these elements on the one hand and the human being, his path through life and his health on the other. This symposium was held at the Noverosa conference center where Jan Scholten also shed light on a new vision of the activity of these 5 elements in the periodic system. The texts of both presentations you will find in this edition of Pentagram. On the same light wave, you will find in this contribution ‘I do not know his name,’ a contemplation about ‘the seventh chapter, that is still to be written.’ As well as an article on ‘the step that you do not want to take’, which will becomes perhaps more easy to take after reading the article with the same title. We hope that this edition of Pentagram may contribute to the right balance in your life.

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