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The rediscovery of the Gnosis

volume 37 nr 1

January/February 2015

The rediscovery of the Gnosis


The enormous impulse from the Fama400-celebration still reverberates in the working-field of the modern rosycross in Southern Germany. Exhibitions, lectures, workshops, an appealing documentary and a resounding conference received a great deal of interest. The sum of these activities powerfully reinforces the connection of the modern rosycross with the ether- and energy-field of Christian Rosycross. Reflections from one of the 1700 participants allows us to see the scintillating certainty that the Light is an actual and specific reality in the here and now. We would also like to draw your attention to the metaphors of the island, the town, the Plan, and the matrix in this edition. There is also a universal message for our youth from Catharose de Petri, one written from deep insight, straight to the heart. And then one more image, an ancient one: the potter creates a vase out of clay, water and fire, however he is a master of the inner being.

Articles in this issue...

It is a World Ascension, not an evolutionary path of suffering
Five reflections from Henry Corbin: the city, a mirror of desire
World images: São Paulo:
The plan is reflected in silence
Martha and Maria
A contemplation for young people, by Catharose de Petri
The rediscovery of the Gnosis
Clay, water, fire, man
The architect of the world
Fama400: a participant reflects
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