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Gnostic reflections about True Peace

volume 36 nr 4

July/August 2014

Gnostic reflections about True Peace


Doing nothing is not a Rosicrucian’s sort of thing. It comes from the wish to be able do something for mankind that many people come together in the School of the Rosycross. It is the intelligent perception of the fact that initiatives on an incidental and individual level cannot shift the flood of destructive events in life and society, and that something else has to happen. People cry: “war - never again!” - but there has never been a bigger arms industry, accompanied by so much unscrupulous violence. People say: healthier food - but in 2030 more than 350 million people will have diabetes. What does the School of the Rosycross then do? Think of: joining together. Think of: focus. Think of: elevating, on the basis of inner being brought to equilibrium. The equilibrium concerns the balance between an adult individual and a radiating ensoulment. The joining together is the forming of a vessel and a beacon, as a parabolic aerial. The focus bundles Light originating from a new atmosphere of life which is peace - peace that radiates over the world and thus is accessible to everyone.

Articles in this issue...

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Contemplation of an initiate
Contemplation of a pupil: the School and you - you and the School
Of Talismans and the Only Good
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The meeting place and the essential salt
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