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The world of the Celts

volume 33 nr 4

July/August 2011

The world of the Celts


The Celts inhabited the whole of Europe during the millennia BC, although they did not have a common form of state or government. Our journey gives an impression of a mysterious region that has sunk deeply back into the mists of time. It is like a painting with many colours and hues, with here and there spots of light, with beautiful areas and interesting excursions into history, obviously without pretending to be exhaustive. On the following pages, you will find what inspired us. We were particularly struck by the ease with which the liberating insights of the early Christians found resonance with the Celts in France, England and above all in Ireland. It is as Taliesin, the last bard of the fifth century sang: ‘Christ and the word of the beginning were our teachers from the outset, and we never forgot their teachings. Christianity may perhaps have been new in Asia, but there has never been a time that the Druids of Brittany did not propagate its teachings.’

Articles in this issue...

Heap of stones of the testimony
Mystery knowledge is timeless
The celts and holy places
A field that reflects pure values
Landmarks on the horizon
Celtic Christianity
Eiré, independent, magical, invincible
A true knight
Johannes Scouts, an Irish freethinker
The Grail of the light - the ancient legends of the grail in Celtic tradition
The poet’s Irish heart of W.B. Yeats
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