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The possibilities of the human brain

volume 33 nr 2

March/April 2011

The possibilities of the human brain


‘A living, sincere, warm interest in the Gnosis cannot be explained from ordinary nature. However, how do other, non-dialectical thoughts and feelings then develop in people? They can only have reached them from outside!’ They have entered by those people’s longing and interest for everything that refers to another life, to another level of existence, on which a human being, the true human being, can breathe, live and exist freely, and on which the survival instinct and self-maintenance that we inevitably inhale in our life with every breath, have been replaced by the atmospheric quality of the new life: Love. This issue of the Pentagram would like to inform you about the ideas encountered in world literature which are innate in all seeking people, about aspects of the corresponding mode of life, as in Open or on the alert? and about the purity of the thinking that may be strongly stimulated by the knowledge of the universal qualities of numbers.

Articles in this issue...

The practical education of thought
Some ideas about encounters - open or on the alert?
Universal geometry: is there still anything sacred?
Numbers tell the history of life - Edda
The power of the giants
Books: The Apocalypse of the new time
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