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Renova symposium: ‘Called by the World Heart’

volume 32 nr 1

January/February 2010

Renova symposium: ‘Called by the World Heart’

Rubrique 1

There is an ancient, Masonic legend, stemming from the memory of the mysteries that always returns in each period of humanity. This legend tells about a glorious moment that will come in a very distant future, and that there will be seven temples, seven hermetic working places. And there is a ritual belonging to a certain degree of one of the ancient Masonic ceremonies, during which one brother speaks to another brother: ‘May the six other temples come soon, brother.’ The person addressed replies to this: They will be there. J. van Rijckenborgh

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What more does the world need? - Johannes Witteveen
Positio fraternitatis rosae crucis - Klaas-Jan Bakker
May the roses flower on your cross - Ger Westenberg
Called by the world heart - Joost R. Ritman
Closing statement
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