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The study of man

volume 31 nr 6

November/December 2009

The study of man


We are acquainted with a new, rational esotericism, which is born from the cry for help of the human heart, rooted in an intelligible concept of the world and humanity, and bringing a philosophical wisdom that does not offend the intelligence of its students in any way. This concerns a threefold approach, which has been the task of the Rosycross for centuries, and to which all who serve in it are faithful. We begin with a testimony from the past: a portrait of Paracelsus and his radical methods. The second approach is contemporary, in which physicians and thinkers try to show anatomically that the human body is destined and suitable for transfiguration. In this way, they bring the age-old promise of purpose and goal of the human being, namely to be the bearer of the spirit-soul, nearer, down to the structure of his organs. And finally, there is a wave of human compassion, a view from the heart to every fellow human being who, hidden or visibly, bears the image of the immortal one with him and around him.

Articles in this issue...

The study of man
The sevenfold world brotherhood - Catharose de Petri
The call for autonomy
Life and activities of Paracelsus - the light of nature
There is no empty space
Exercises in thinking differently - the imprisonment of the senses
What happens in the brain upon the renewal of the consciousness?
The processes of change on the path of transfiguration anatomically - grief of the world
A poem of Walt Whitman - Mani’s guideline
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