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Group unity as power

volume 30 nr 4

July/August 2008

Group unity as power


After having shown the truth to the five pupils, the Sublime One spoke: ‘‘When a human being, determined to obey the truth, is standing alone, the truth may be weak in him and he may slide back to his old paths. Therefore, stay together, help each other and strengthen each others’ attempts. Be like brothers to one another; one in love, one in pure striving, and one in your zeal for the truth. Spread the truth and the teachings in all parts of the world, so that ultimately all living creatures will be citizens of the kingdom of justice. This is the holy brotherhood, which establishes a community amongst all who seek their salvation in the other.” - After the Gospel of the Buddha

Articles in this issue...

Group unity as power
The morphogenetic fields of eternity
A golden mosaic of free souls
The human being who is wholly one
Group unity: as below, so above
Will all people become brothers?
A new impulse of community spirit - not one, not two
Experiences on the path to unity - the new field of life
What has been, will be again
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