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Gnosis and Rosycross

An Exploration of the Meaning of Life

We welcome you to this introductory series, offering the opportunity to explore and discuss the universal teachings shared by the School of the Golden Rosycross and the path its pupils follow.
The content presented here is intended as a background to our regular public events in which we discuss in depth the universal teachings of the Golden Rosycross. Please see our upcoming events, and we most cordially welcome you to join our events for seekers around the world!

Explorations of Gnosis and Rosycross

The Meaning of Existence

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The Meaning of ExistenceExplorations of Gnosis and Rosycross
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Summary Exploration 1 The Meaning of Existence

Unveil the mysteries of life's purpose, connect with fellow seekers, and embark on a path of self-discovery that could change the way you perceive the world.

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Unveiling the mysteries of life's purpose

What is Gnosis?

In one dictionary, Gnosis is explained as the “intuitive apprehension of spiritual truths.” It can also be described as living knowledge of the heart that unveils the mystery of human existence.

Gnosis awakens the heart in the same way that sunlight unfolds a blossom from a bud. The deeper knowledge that lies encapsulated in the heart will be unveiled. One can experience this as an inner recognition, a certain knowing about something that cannot be named.

In Gnostic writings, it is therefore said that Gnosis is a power or a light that does not emanate from the nature that is well-known to us, but from divine love. This light is constantly active in the world and makes itself known to those who are susceptible to it.

The concept Gnosis can be found in many historical and philosophical 

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