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Scarriff talk - Rosicrucian Alchemy, today
Scarriff talk - Rosicrucian Alchemy, today

sam. 18 nov.


Scarriff - East Clare Community Coop

Scarriff talk - Rosicrucian Alchemy, today

For centuries, indeed millennia, human beings have been fascinated with alchemy as the myth of transforming lead into gold. We propose to explore this from the perspective of a very practical process of transformation of the human consciousness that is more urgent than ever today!

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18 nov. 2023, 14:30 – 16:00 UTC

Scarriff - East Clare Community Coop, Main St, Ballyminoge, Scarriff, Co. Clare, V94 HPX9, Ireland


Rosicrucian Alchemy, today

Free Public Talk in Scarriff, co. Clare

Date: Saturday 18 November @2.30pm 

Venue: East Clare Community Co-operative, Main Street, Scarriff co. Clare

Free Public Talk in Scarriff "Rosicrucian Alchemy, Today", Saturday 18 November @2.30pm East Clare Community Co-operative, Main Street, Scarriff co. Clare

The essential quest of Rosicrucian alchemy was and still is, to bring about a transmutation of lead of our limited, material oriented consciousness into the gold of the higher divine spiritualised consciousness.

The classical Rosicrucians said that there are three fundamental principles with the help of which gold can be obtained: sulfur, mercury and salt. The formula for this is: entrust the sulfur to the fire, slowly add the mercury and salt and then, the final product will be gold.

What does this veiled formula mean on the Spiritual path of today's human beings? Are we still able to access a higher dimension in our life, beyond the turmoil and chaos of our daily chaotic experiences?

Let us explore this together!

Join us and let's explore this together!

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