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Body, Health & Healing -  from a Spiritual perspective | Asia-Pacific
Body, Health & Healing -  from a Spiritual perspective | Asia-Pacific

Sun, May 19


Zoom Webinar

Body, Health & Healing - from a Spiritual perspective | Asia-Pacific

Today, witnessing such an intense change in the world, countless human beings awaken to the fact that the health and balance if their lives, should be the result of a more profound inner change, a change in the way of facing life, a change which will result in a new way of living.

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May 19, 2024, 5:30 PM – 6:45 PM GMT+10

Zoom Webinar


Body, Health & Healing I Americas, Europe, Africa

from a Spiritual perspective

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With a few small exceptions, illness and unhealthiness in the human system are now almost universal. They simply emphasize the fact that although we can sometimes delay these conditions, we cannot entirely heal.

There are numerous ups and downs in nature-born life. We live immersed in our problems, at one moment we can confront the difficulties in our lives, the next moment we are overwhelmed by the great terror of it all.

It is a race with death, a gigantic battle employing ever more powerful and fantastic means, a battle of which the course and outcome can easily be predicted. Man's intelligence has its limits, and the supply of possibilities is being exhausted. The human faculty for assimilation is also limited and the dream of all times, "a healthy, unthreatened being of this nature", remains a dream.

In gnostic philosophy man's various vital fluids are referred to as the “light-vesture”. This is formed from the blood and its system, the nerve fluid and its system, the endocrine system, the serpent fire and the flame of the consciousness. We can say that the soul has five fluids or five aspects. Even in a natural state of being, each of these fluids emits its own very powerful etheric light. That is why we speak of a light-vesture.

Every human being wears a light-vesture. The quality and nature of these interacting vital fluids determine one's level of vibration. They determine one's general orientation with respect to life and also, most importantly, one's state of health. Health and sickness are always directly related to the state of one's light vesture.

Therefore, do not allow your soul to enter and be drawn into all fluctuating moods of the nature-born being. Rise above joy and sorrow. Do not enter into the ephemeral pleasure of the present moment or into the short-term anguish of today. If you allow yourself to be dragged along by the great turmoil, how could you then belong to eternity? Because if your soul sways with the turbulence of every moment of the day, and is constantly being affected by this, it will break the silver thread that binds her to the Master.

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Our online explorations form a way inward and outward, from perspective to insight. All public talks can be followed separately and no prior knowledge is needed. Your hosts are pupils of the Golden Rosycross.

We use Zoom video conferencing software to create a dynamic heart-to-heart interaction with you. Our explorations don't require any prior knowledge.

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