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The Seal of Renewal

The Seal of Renewal

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Rozekruis Pers



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Catharose de Petri

With only a few words Catharose de Petri manages to shed a surprising new light on the Gospel texts and their relationship to the Gnostic brotherhoods. The author explains the deeper aspects of the path of renewal, so that the candidate clearly understands the gnostic message enshrined in the holy language, and is prepared to receive the Seal of Renewal.


Using the Biblical texts of the New Testament as her reference point, Catharose de Petri unveils some of their secrets, giving the reader a deeper insight into the liberating path of the Gnosis as it is conveyed through the Gospels.  In her own succinct style, she removes the obscurity that often clouds the symbolism of the New Testament, offering a new clarity and understanding of these Universal Teachings.  

Catharose de Petri systematically takes the reader toward the final ‘Seal of Renewal’ that is the crowning glory bestowed upon the candidate who has walked through the desert of their mortality, to the birth of the new Immortal Soul and its reunification with the Spirit.  Touching upon differences such as that between Spirit and Holy Spirit, the reader is given a key to opening new levels of understanding into the Universal Teachings brought to humankind through the Biblical texts.

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