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The Grail and the Rosycross

Crystal Series

The Grail and the Rosycross

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The legends of Parcival and the Knights King Arthur's Round Table, the Persian legends of Kay Chosrou and the Chalice of Yamshid 'that reflects the Universe,' and the medieval Russian legend of Vsevolod, who became Grail King of the invisible city of Kitesj, all speak of the link between eternity and time as the Grail, the chalice, or the divine mixing vessel: a protected field of life where seeking souls that have overcome all earthly resistance can find their way to eternity. Whoever succeeds in finding this holy Grail can receive the divine wisdom firsthand.


The mythical legends of the Grail, achieved their heights of popularity in the middle ages, representing the Christian life-blood of Jesus Christ. Thought to possess magical powers, the grail was seen as the source of eternal life. Many have sought to discover and wrest this legend from obscurity, placing their hope for immortality in the possession of this cup.  But the grail is not lost, or hidden, because it cannot be found outside of oneself, but only deep within the heart, and therefore is ‘closer than hands or feet’.

History has given us many myths, legends and fables involving the grail, and especially those involving the Templars – the sworn protectors of the ‘cup of Christ’. But to the Rosicrucians, the grail is the symbol of the dormant spark of the Spirit that lies asleep in the heart of every man, and it is the task of every pilgrim to find this grail, this chalice that holds eternal life, within his own being. The grail therefore represents a way of life, a path to fulfilment, a struggle against one’s lower nature in order to fill this chalice with the ‘Water of True Life’ – the blood of self-sacrifice.

In this publication, the grail myth is unveiled from its many misconceptions and vagaries, and held up against the light of the universal teachings. From Hermes to the Rosicrucians, we see the same symbolism and the same hidden meanings that surround the idea of the grail – deep within our hearts lies the chalice that must be filled by the blood of our own sacrifice for our fellow man. Only in seeking the liberation of others, can we fill our own ‘cup’ with eternal life.

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