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The Gnostic Mysteries of the Pistis Sophia

The Gnostic Mysteries of the Pistis Sophia

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Jan van Rijckenborgh

The Gnostic Mysteries of the Pistis Sophia covers the first of the six books of the Gospel of the Pistis Sophia, which is attributed to the gnostic Valentinus after it was rediscovered in the eighteenth century. The Pistis Sophia, as a believing soul (Pistis), has reached the borders of her earthly possibilities, desiring to experience the mystery behind these. Strengthened by the power of wisdom (Sophia), she overcomes all the barriers raised by the earthly world while crossing this border. Jan van Rijckenborgh unveils the journey of the Soul portrayed in this gnostic Gospel.


In our modern day, the spiritual seeker is blessed with many ancient historical documents that have survived the ravishes of time.  One of these is the Gospel of the Pistis Sophia, attributed to the authorship of Valentinus (approx. 150 A.D.), which iterates the teachings of Jesus to his disciples after His crucifixion and resurrection.  

This heavily veiled Gospel is unmasked and explained for us by Jan van Rijckenborgh from the point of view of the journey of the soul.  With the intention of helping the neophyte on their path, the author brings to light the challenges and tasks that await every aspirant who feels the inner calling to return to their true home.  

In the Gospel of The Pistis Sophia, Jesus primarily speaks to his disciples, meaning to those who have consciously chosen to follow him, and therefore the content of this book is focused on giving those same ‘pupils’ valuable insights to help them on their inner path.  Not only are these inner steps explained in great detail, the author also explains just what must be done in a very direct and practical way.

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